We Support Local: Meet River Theatres

Red River Theatres

11 South Main Street in Concord, NH

Red River has everything you would expect of a state-of-the-art theater: 3-screens, two larger cinemas, Dolby digital sound, Christie digital projection equipment, and stadium seating. Not to mention their concession stand, The Indie Cafe, which offers drinks (including wine & beer) and sandwiches, in addition to your usual popcorn cravings! These features are great, and no doubt contribute to Red River’s appeal, but they’re not what caught the attention of Wash Street.

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A Community Effort

We like to give our support to local organizations that enhance and give back to the New Hampshire community. Red River Theatres, out of Concord, NH, was the product of 7-year community effort when it opened in 2007. Now, it is a local entertainment center that goes far beyond showing films. They have a small art gallery inside that offers local artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work each month to their many patrons, members and donors. Their Indie Cafe also supports local food establishments, featuring sandwiches by The Works, Mitchell’s Salsa and Chips, and locally-made chocolates. The diverse program at Red River, in addition to first-run independent films, cult favorites, classics, and foreign films, also includes local and regional film projects to support the work of the New Hampshire community!

A Partnership

Red River Theatres is exactly the type of business that Wash Street wants to support, so we’re partnering with them this year for their annual Red Carpet Oscar Party on Sunday, February 24th, at 5:30 PM. There will be live music (provided by The Tall Granite Big Band), dancing, drinks and appetizers! Most importantly, the Red Carpet Oscar Party is a fundraiser for Red River Theatres--a non-profit cinema that brings film, community events, and educational programming to the Concord area. Be sure to purchase your tickets!

Look Your Best

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