Hi, We are Laura Simoes and Kristyn Van Ostern, the owners of Wash street. When we first met back in 2002, we were both working full time and spending way too much time on laundry. With two children each and households where both parents work full time, laundry quickly became a more tedious chore than we felt it had to be.  Can you relate?


Our Beginning Stages

When we first opened our business back in April of 2017, we envisioned a laundromat that could be a part of the community we love while also offering a time-saving solution to our family and friends. Wash Street, located on Elm Street near the corner of Bridge Street in downtown Manchester, became just that.

Our Time-Saving Difference

The thing that really distinguishes Wash Street is our personalized service. We have free pick-up and delivery for all of your wash & fold and dry cleaning needs in Manchester, Bedford, Portsmouth, and Concord, NH and across Southern NH. We understand that everyone follows a different schedule, so we offer this as an on-demand service seven days a week. We want to offer you the best and most convenient service possible; out of our 26 washers and dryers, most allow you to pay with the PayRange app on your smartphone that links to your credit card.

Family Friendly

Wash Street laundromat is a family friendly establishment. Laura’s son, Marcus, built the small children’s area in the back corner himself. The setup includes multiple chairs, a small children’s library with donated books in Spanish and English, as well as games and toys for children who aren’t at a reading level yet. The play area is within the sight of every washer and dryer in the laundromat to ensure that parents can multitask while remaining in eye view of their children.

Our Community

It doesn’t stop there, either; Wash Street also hosts community events and partners with local businesses that have a similar mission. One of our favorite events took place over the summer when we invited community members to come read stories with their children. It was as a major hit! We hope to increase our presence in the community as we work to expand our business and our mission.