Discover the Advantages of Wash & Fold

Every time that you wished for more hours in your day or a break from your ever-growing chore list, you were describing the benefits of utilizing our Wash & Fold services.  

Wash & Fold is great for everyday items, sheets, towels or clothes that don’t need to be dry cleaned. Wash & Fold is $2/pound for less than 25 pounds, and we discount volume orders of more than 25 pounds to $1.69/pound.

We also offer Wash & Hang for dresses, sweaters or shirts or anything you prefer to hang dry.

Pick Up & Delivery of your clothing is on us.

Don’t worry about the transportation, either; we offer FREE pick-up and delivery services to Manchester, Bedford, Concord, Portsmouth, Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, Nashua, Londonderry, Derry, Windham, and Salem, NH.

If this sounds like it could be your time-saving solution, keep reading to discover what other benefits our Wash & Fold services can provide for you! We are available 7 days a week.

We understand the importance and value OF your clothing

Our team is made up of laundry professionals who know how to care for your clothing.

We aim to not only preserve, but extend the life of your favorite threads. Just ask and we’ll pre-treat them before they go into the wash. Leave us a note and we’ll check your pockets for anything that doesn’t belong in the wash. You may specify if you would like scented or unscented. We never wash or dry your items with anyone else’s.

Once cleaned, your clothes will be tumble dried gently on medium or low heat. As soon as they’re dry, your clothes will be promptly taken out of the dryer and folded immediately to prevent any wrinkles or creases.

If requested, we can sort items by family members and return packages together, making it even easier to get your clothes back neatly folded, freshly scented and ready to put into drawers.

If this is your first order, please take a moment to review our terms of use. We’re here to answer any of questions.


Our Process Is Simple


Step One:

Select your pick up location.


Step Two:

Gather up your laundry, sort as needed, and mark separate bags or special orders. Include any special instructions.


Step Three:

We will wash, dry, hang, steam, iron or do whatever is specified in your instructions.


Step Four:

Clean laundry is returned back to you, folded and tied with a ribbon, or packaged in our eco-friendly paper