Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Time

Flowers or candy? That's predictable. Purchasing a gift card from Wash Street is unique and beneficial. Give the gift of crossing laundry off of a friend or loved one’s to-do list.

Just when your loved one thinks they have to spend the day doing laundry, they finally get to kick back and relax!

You can purchase a gift certificate from Wash Street in any amount for wash & fold and dry cleaning services!

Make someone’s day by taking away the chore of laundry or trips to the dry cleaners. This makes a perfect gift for any busy person you know: family, friends, co-workers, teachers, helpers and everyone in between.  

Look to purchase a gift certificate?

Use the easy link below, or stop by 1231 Elm Street, Manchester or call us at 603-623-9587.

new baby

The amount of laundry produced by babies and children is truly astounding. Want to help new parents? Take this daily chore off their list.

Valentine’s Day

Trade the time you spend folding clothes in for the gift of quality time together.

Birthdays, Weddings and more.

Makes the perfect party companion! Give someone you love the gift of time to spend on the things that matter most.

Job Promotion

Know a family or friend who has to step up their style or find more time after a job promotion?

Get Well

Know someone who is recovering from an injury or illness and could use a helping hand? When life gets busy or complicated, mundane tasks like laundry can get overlooked. Let them know you’re  thinking of them by helping them take laundry off of their to-do list.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving & More!

The best Holiday gifts are often the practical ones; things that brighten your day by bringing convenience or ease even after the special day has passed. Everyone has dirty laundry and, although many may not think to mention it, a free dry cleaning service would be an indulgence during  their week. This would also be a great gift for a host; they don’t need to worry about cleaning up after their event. They can toss all their linens, dry cleaning items and more in a bag and schedule a pick up!