It’s a great week to celebrate someone who’s probably done some of your laundry at one point in your life. We’d like to offer you a Mother’s Day coupon code for gifting--all Mother’s Day gift certificates or online orders using MOM10 will get 10% off.

Here’s a suggestion of a note for you to send. Feel free to copy and paste!

Dear Mom/Mum/Mother/Mommy/Maca/Nonnie,

Thank you for all you have done, and do, for us! We want to give you back some of the time and energy you give to us, so we’re sending Wash Street to pick up your laundry and bring it back to you clean, folded and tied up with a ribbon. You need this, you deserve this, and we are happy to give you something other than a scarf/book/card/meal/bracelet this year.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, __________________________

You can email us at clean@washstreet.com and let us know you need a gift certificate, or drop by our store at 1231 Elm Street in Manchester, or use our website (washstreet.com) to set up a delivery (on your credit card, but with Mom’s address for pick up).

Happy Mother’s Day, all!

Embrace Organizing & Decluttering With Us: Why We love Marie Kondo.

It’s time to straighten up and simplify your living space.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by clutter lately, you’re not alone. We’re living in a society where consumer goods, clothing,  and products are getting easier to come by, less inexpensive, and more likely to find a place in your junk drawers or on your shelves. Unfortunately, a higher level of the stress hormone, cortisol, is associated with a fixation on mess or disorder.  The upside? This means that your stress levels can also be lowered when you declutter your surroundings. We’ve compiled a list tips and tricks from one of our favorite organization experts: Marie Kondo


Interested in learning more about how to apply these tricks to your closet?

Learn how to Konmari fold your clothes at an upcoming Spark Joy Networking Event. Our next one is on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 5 PM – 7 PM.

Who is Marie Kondo?

An organizing consultant and author from Japan who has stolen the hearts of America with her new Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo has developed her own technique of organizing --  the KonMari method -- that suggests separating all of your belongings into subcategories. Once you have done this, you choose to keep only the items from each category that “spark joy” for you. Her unique approach is focused on decluttering your life, not simply ‘neatening up’ your space.

Save Space in your Drawers and Closets: Learn to Fold Clothes Like Marie Kondo


One of the most difficult categories to organize is clothing--some of Marie Kondo’s top laundry tips include:

  1. Folding your clothing like origami

  2. Standing your folded clothes upright in drawers

  3. Storing your items in square compartments.

Want To Learn How To Organize Like Marie Kondo?

Are you interested in organizing your belongings, but don’t have the time to read Marie Kondo’s book or watch Netflix? Don’t worry; we’ve summarized the KonMari organization method for you using a graphic from makespace.com. Here are a few of her top suggestions for decluttering your surroundings:


Set aside enough time to get your task done all at once. Commit to tidying up your space in one attempt to prevent the dreaded ‘half done’ stage of organization.


Kondo suggests that you visualize your ideal living space and simplified lifestyle. This will both motivate you to complete your task and prevent you from falling back into the clutter.


This is where the heart of KonMari comes into play. You take an item in both of your hands, and ask yourself “does this spark joy in me?” If the answer is yes, you keep it. If no, donate it or throw it away.


It is crucial that you actually get rid of the items that no longer serve your living space. Putting them in a new place or promising to discard them later are traps that we too often fall into.


Kondo suggests that you organize your belongings by category, as opposed to room by room.  For example, we suggest getting all of the books in your house together instead of tackling one bookcase at a time.


Give every item a ‘home’ in your living space. Commit to returning that item to its home after every time you use it.

Register for our free Spark Joy Networking Event.

Learn how to fold your clothes Konmari style! Our next one is on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 5 PM – 7 PM.

We Support Local: Meet Local Baskit

Local Baskit

10 Ferry St, Concord, NH 03301

We love meeting and collaborating with other small businesses in New Hampshire. Especially the ones that share a similar mission to Wash Street; to bring convenience into your life with honest, simple products, and reliable service.

Local Baskit, out of Concord, NH, is a locally run business that prepares cook-at-home meal kits. All of the ingredients included in their baskets are locally sourced from New Hampshire farms and food artisans. Plus, they utilize compostable and recyclable packaging, and offer the opportunity for customers to return their reusable items.

A local Concord, NH, business, which guarantees fresh, in-season products and takes care of the environment? That’s the type of business that we feel good about supporting.

To uphold our promise to bring convenience into your life, we make it possible for you to order from Local Baskit and pick it up at Wash Street! Yes, you read that correctly; you can get the laundry done and pick up a ready-to-make dinner all in one stop!

Our laundromat is located on Elm Street in Manchester, NH, near the corner of Bridge Street. If we are conveniently located for you, Local Baskit will deliver your order to us, and we’ll hold onto it for you!

We love Local Baskit so much that we partner with them on community events.

Join us at our Spark Joy Networking Event on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 5 PM – 7 PM. Learn more and RSVP today!

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We Support Local: Meet River Theatres

Red River Theatres

11 South Main Street in Concord, NH

Red River has everything you would expect of a state-of-the-art theater: 3-screens, two larger cinemas, Dolby digital sound, Christie digital projection equipment, and stadium seating. Not to mention their concession stand, The Indie Cafe, which offers drinks (including wine & beer) and sandwiches, in addition to your usual popcorn cravings! These features are great, and no doubt contribute to Red River’s appeal, but they’re not what caught the attention of Wash Street.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.06.21 AM.png

A Community Effort

We like to give our support to local organizations that enhance and give back to the New Hampshire community. Red River Theatres, out of Concord, NH, was the product of 7-year community effort when it opened in 2007. Now, it is a local entertainment center that goes far beyond showing films. They have a small art gallery inside that offers local artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work each month to their many patrons, members and donors. Their Indie Cafe also supports local food establishments, featuring sandwiches by The Works, Mitchell’s Salsa and Chips, and locally-made chocolates. The diverse program at Red River, in addition to first-run independent films, cult favorites, classics, and foreign films, also includes local and regional film projects to support the work of the New Hampshire community!

A Partnership

Red River Theatres is exactly the type of business that Wash Street wants to support, so we’re partnering with them this year for their annual Red Carpet Oscar Party on Sunday, February 24th, at 5:30 PM. There will be live music (provided by The Tall Granite Big Band), dancing, drinks and appetizers! Most importantly, the Red Carpet Oscar Party is a fundraiser for Red River Theatres--a non-profit cinema that brings film, community events, and educational programming to the Concord area. Be sure to purchase your tickets!

Look Your Best

We know those dresses and suits can get tucked away or wrinkled.

Wash Street is here to make sure you look your best for the red carpet. Schedule your dry cleaning pick up today!

After you dance the night away, we can also be sure to get your fancy attire, cleaned back over to you for safe keeping.

We’re Here To Help You

With Wash Street, we will be sure to have your favorite threads pressed and clean for whenever you feel like hitting the downtown, getting dressed up, or seeing a movie at Red River!

Schedule Your Pick Up Today!

7 Reasons To Use Wash & Fold and Dry

Does it always seem like you run out of clothes at the worst possible times? Making time for laundry can be hectic and tiresome.  That is why we have found Wash & Fold Laundry service to be the perfect solution.

Perhaps you are skeptical about using a Wash & Fold service; you’ve never had to use one before and you’re not sure if it will be right for you. We understand. You would be surprised to discover how many people have hesitated before switching over to a Wash & Fold service for their laundry. Once they do, however, they never look back.

Here are some of the game-changing reasons why:

1. Convenience

Getting low on clean clothes at an inconvenient time? Did you just come back from a camping trip and have heavy laundry items, like sleeping bags, that need washing? Did you just host a dinner party and aren’t quite sure of how to wash the napkins and table runners? Wash & fold and dry cleaning shops help you to get your laundry done in a fast and stress-free manner. It’s time to move your laundry to the bottom of the chore list. When you schedule a pick up and delivery you have your entire day(s) to run errands, go to the office or just spend time with friends and family.

2. Time Saver

Just can’t find a spare moment to tackle that full laundry basket or baskets of laundry?  It’s time to get one thing off of your plate. Think about it: how many hours a week does it take you to get through washing, drying and folding your laundry? The options of how you could fill that time with the things you love doing are endless. With Wash & Fold, you can eliminate an inconvenient, time consuming chore from your life.

3.  Cut Costs

When you use Wash & Fold services, you will see a decrease in your water and energy costs,and can expect a smaller utility bill. If you shop offers free pickup and delivery services, you will also save the money you would otherwise spend on transportation as well. You can also save money with detergent.

4. No Folding

That’s right, you read that correctly! No more folding. Often times, we hear this is the best part of the Wash & Fold service. There is something about someone taking care of the folding so it is ready to put away the minute you walk in the door. No more worrying about matching up socks or getting your shirts folded perfectly. And if you have items that need to be washed and hung up, you’ll get it back on a hanger!

5. Expert Attention

By bringing your laundry to us, you are ensuring that it will get the best care and attention. No need to fret about the right amount of fabric softener and detergent. Our laundry experts take great care of your belongings and ensure they get back to you clean and in great shape.

6.  Machine Repairs

Machines act up on you and sometimes, they just don’t work correctly. We all know this happens at the worst possible times. Our machines are top-of-the-line, durable and reliable. If a machine is acting up, however, we have qualified personnel to repair it immediately.

7. Sudden Influxes of Dirty Clothes

Did you just get back from vacation or a business trip and have suitcases of clothes? We have you covered. There is no need to spend your last few days before going back to work on  laundry. Next time you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in a sea of dirty laundry, try out our services. Give us one shot to show you how beneficial and efficient using a wash & fold service can really be.

It’s finally time you took care of the huge piles of laundry that you have been tirelessly trying to put off. Schedule a pick up today.