Embrace Organizing & Decluttering With Us: Why We love Marie Kondo.

It’s time to straighten up and simplify your living space.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by clutter lately, you’re not alone. We’re living in a society where consumer goods, clothing,  and products are getting easier to come by, less inexpensive, and more likely to find a place in your junk drawers or on your shelves. Unfortunately, a higher level of the stress hormone, cortisol, is associated with a fixation on mess or disorder.  The upside? This means that your stress levels can also be lowered when you declutter your surroundings. We’ve compiled a list tips and tricks from one of our favorite organization experts: Marie Kondo


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Who is Marie Kondo?

An organizing consultant and author from Japan who has stolen the hearts of America with her new Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo has developed her own technique of organizing --  the KonMari method -- that suggests separating all of your belongings into subcategories. Once you have done this, you choose to keep only the items from each category that “spark joy” for you. Her unique approach is focused on decluttering your life, not simply ‘neatening up’ your space.

Save Space in your Drawers and Closets: Learn to Fold Clothes Like Marie Kondo


One of the most difficult categories to organize is clothing--some of Marie Kondo’s top laundry tips include:

  1. Folding your clothing like origami

  2. Standing your folded clothes upright in drawers

  3. Storing your items in square compartments.

Want To Learn How To Organize Like Marie Kondo?

Are you interested in organizing your belongings, but don’t have the time to read Marie Kondo’s book or watch Netflix? Don’t worry; we’ve summarized the KonMari organization method for you using a graphic from makespace.com. Here are a few of her top suggestions for decluttering your surroundings:


Set aside enough time to get your task done all at once. Commit to tidying up your space in one attempt to prevent the dreaded ‘half done’ stage of organization.


Kondo suggests that you visualize your ideal living space and simplified lifestyle. This will both motivate you to complete your task and prevent you from falling back into the clutter.


This is where the heart of KonMari comes into play. You take an item in both of your hands, and ask yourself “does this spark joy in me?” If the answer is yes, you keep it. If no, donate it or throw it away.


It is crucial that you actually get rid of the items that no longer serve your living space. Putting them in a new place or promising to discard them later are traps that we too often fall into.


Kondo suggests that you organize your belongings by category, as opposed to room by room.  For example, we suggest getting all of the books in your house together instead of tackling one bookcase at a time.


Give every item a ‘home’ in your living space. Commit to returning that item to its home after every time you use it.

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Learn how to fold your clothes Konmari style! Our next one is on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 5 PM – 7 PM.